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Snowy Owls-Feb 02-06, 2020- Saskatoon - 2 spots open

Watch the Snowy Owl Video - David Hemmings Snowy Owls. We have 2 spots open for those who are looking for some owl action, please contact us at

Snowy Owl -Male, photo by David Hemmings

By: David Hemmings - Snowy Owls

Last year was proved to be one of our most successful snowy owl workshops in recent years. We have been very fortunate to have three different male snowy owls to photograph during our workshop. The “white ghost” as the male snowy is sometimes referred to as is usually a difficult species to find and, even more difficult to photograph.

Although the temperatures have been warmer than usual we had just enough snow mixed with good light to have some great photo shoots during the workshops. All of the workshop participants managed to get some great images as well as having a great time learning and shooting in the field.

One participant said to me during the workshop, “Now that I can photograph a male snowy owl in flight on white snow, I can photograph just about anything, thank you so much for your time and wonderful instruction”!

Our goal on these workshops is to ensure that you, the participant, are taught everything you need to know about your camera and settings to get those once in a lifetime images of the snowy owls.

On a typical four day workshop you will get numerous opportunities to photograph the owls. We even take time in-between shooting to check our settings, our methods and see where we can improve on the next fly by.

Photo Tip: When photographing a bird in flight, once focus has been acquired, remember to keep panning as you are pressing the shutter release button.

Be sure to join us on one of these wonderful workshops and get your own snowy owl shots of a lifetime! Check out the Snowy Owl Photo Workshop Details.

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