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Great for Birders, Ornithologists, Biologists!

Hemmings Photo Tours Tours also Great for Birders, Ornithologists, Biologists!

Hemmings Photo Tours offers more than up close and personal wildlife and nature photography tours. We often have people join our workshop tours who are avid birders, ornithologists, biologists in addition to photographers and videographers. They have commented throughout how impressed they are with the birding and wildlife opportunities unlike any other tour they have been on. The difference between birding tours and Hemmings Photo Tours are the endless opportunities to view these incredible birds up close and within 20 feet. You also get to see the incredible bird in flight photographs captured during the hummingbird tours.

There are endless opportunities to scout and perform birding counts. As part of each workshop we employ local guides to enhance our wildlife excursion and share facts and perform bird and wildlife identifications. Our bear workshops are very unique with placing you within 20 feet from a wild Grizzly Bear in the BC wilderness, not to worry you will be safe on the BC Bears Tour.

Our local guides have amazing talents. They are able to use their bird calling skills, attracting even some of the rarest or endangered birds closer to our small group. On the Costa Rica, Central America tour our guide Vernon, more than impressed us by calling the Spectulated Owl within 15 feet from our group. You can see the video of this amazing owl spreading its wings and displaying its beautiful feathers and watch the Sunbittern come close towards us. In addition he called the Resplendent Queztal, an amazing bird full of colors that takes your breath away. The colorful tanagers are endless. Use your naked eye, binoculars or camera lens to enjoy these amazing creatures. And not to worry, we also have a telescope for anyone wanting to explore further than the naked eye can see. Read more about the Costa Rica Tour and watch the Costa Rica Video

Costa Rica Tanager
Snow Capped Hummingbird David Hemmings

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