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Are you a Rambo or Sniper Photographer?

Grizzly Bear Leap - David Hemmings

During one of our Grizzly Bears Photo Workshops, I had to think, am I a Rambo or Sniper Photographer. We had an amazing time, from photographing bears fishing with incredible green moss and rocky mountainous landscapes to having a lot of laughs during the trip. One of the participants had recently purchased the new Nikon 4DS camera body. With the camera manufacturers in a full race of competition of speed and lens quality, our Nikon photographer really gave us all a belly ache from laughter. As we peered through our lenses getting ready to photograph a wild golden yellow colored grizzly bear approaching us from the water, I was startled by the Nikon shutter going off like a machine gun. The Nikon 4DS camera equipped with offering 11 frames per second for approx. 200 shots. Our "Rambo Shooter" was in full throttle and I could hardly keep focused. This experience made me think as I listened around me to hear the difference between each of us.

We had one Rambo, some in between and another Sniper. So next time you are in photo action, ask yourself, are you more of a Rambo or a Sniper Photographer?

I was well equipped with the 1D Mark 1V– equipped with 10 frames per second, so not completely left in the dust. As the bear approached closer and closer, I realized I was more of a Sniper waiting for the “Amazing Shot”! I was sure Rambo would need another digital card soon and would need the next year to view all those incredible bear images he took. Check out Alaska Fishing Bears- Lots of Grizzly Bear Fishing Action!

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