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Customer Reviews

What a wonderful photo workshop! Costa Rica is a tropical paradise with no end to the beautiful vistas, birds and flowers to photograph! David puts on a first class workshop down to the last detail, the many little "side trips" he arranged were fabulous, and our bird guide was simply THE BEST. David was always very encouraging, and always going from participant to participant all day, checking camera settings and offering very helpful tips. "I like how you're doing...., and try this too!" I was very apprehensive that I wasn't an advanced enough photographer to participate on the trip, and I definitely was the "junior" photographer, but everyone made me feel very comfortable. 15,000 photos photography skills improved 1000-fold during the trip. I learned a lot from other participants as well. Folks were emailing saying "How is your vacation in Costa Rica?" "Vacation? This isn't a vacation, it's a workshop, and he's working us hard!!" I would HIGHLY recommend this trip to photographers and birders, and plan to attend another Hemmings Photo Tour again soon! 

I have worked with several of the world's best bird photographers. Recently, when I saw a Facebook notification of a West Florida bird photo tour with David Hemmings, I snapped up the remaining opening. I remembered David's images in the book "On Feathered Wings, Birds in Flight" which has graced our family room coffee table since I got it several years ago. The book features some of his incredible images of Snowy Owls, Great Gray Owls, and other species. I also remembered seeing on Facebook his Grizzly Bear and Polar Bear images, as well as some spectacular hummingbird shots. I'm just home from that West Florida workshop with David and am so glad I attended it!  David keeps his workshops small (there were only 4 participants on this one). David prearranges reasonably-priced hotel/motel accommodations and communicates clearly about what equipment and clothing to bring. He is articulate and very patient in his teaching (I came home having learned when and how to switch from Aperture Priority to Manual and many other techniques on which I needed improvement). He is well-prepared, knowledgeable, concise, and very personable. We all rode with him from site to site so that we could take advantage of that time to learn more or simply enjoy some camaraderie. His new E-book "Nature Photography 101" will be out soon, and I look forward to ordering one Rebecca Field – U.S.A.

"I recommend David Hemmings workshops! The level of services by workshop leaders was excellent.  Quality of photographic instruction was exceptional and they were always on hand to solve issues that arose, and I had more than my share of equipment issues. Quality of wildlife provided was good and I was amazed at how easily the subjects accepted new setups provided.  Locations visited were right on for the spices targeted.  My most memorable moment was using the flash setups the first time and capturing an image of the Swordbill Hummingbird. I feel that my level of photography has improved with the custom functions that were set up on my camera for me and the resulting images that I obtained. Overall experience and expectations were achieved and we were fortunate to have a very compatible group on our tour, which made it very enjoyable. This was my first workshop and I would recommend them to friends".   Rosemary Harris, Canada

"My photographic skill absolutely improved. I was most concerned about getting high resolution pictures. David explained how. You exceeded my expectations by far. I had a ton of fun and got some amazing pictures". Alice, USA Florida West Workshop

"My experience was EXCEPTIONAL! The trip exceeded my expectations in all areas. I hoped to get in a position to see owls and couldn’t possibly have been happier. It was abundantly clear that David invested significant time and effort prior to the arrival of the group in scouting the area around Quebec and Ontario. He knew exactly where to go to find every species of owl. His knowledge and efforts were very much appreciated by the entire group. My primary objective was just getting in a position to photograph owls and was not expecting much in the way of photographic instruction. I was very pleasantly surprised and was very happy with the instruction. Prior to the trip I had a love/hate relationship with auto focus as it applies to photographing birds in flight. I’ve struggled with this for years. While I have a lot more to learn, and need to work at honing my skills, the trip with David Hemmings helped me tremendously in being able to photograph birds in flight. Photographing birds in flight was my main objective. Prior to the trip I was nearly clueless in comparison to my skills after the trip.You can also see from my bird list that I found the trip productive from a birding perspective as well".

Kevin McCarthy, USA Snowy Owl Workshop

"Great trip, great experience and great guides.

Great opportunity for capturing images of magnificent and uncommon (in southern USA) birds.  Organizers contribute to great group dynamics and superb attitude.  Cool techniques". Eric Grossman, USA

"I would rate this workshop as exceptional. Excellent overall experience!" Bill Harbin, USA


"The workshop was GREAT and the two Leaders were exceptional.

" Marie O'Shaunessy, British Colombia on the Manitoba Churchill Workshop

"I wouldn’t hesitate to take another workshop with David Hemmings! You absolutely met & exceeded my expectations! The overall experience was fantastic" Debra Herst, British Columbia

"I was extremely happy with David Hemmings on my recent trip to Newfoundland. David went out of his way carrying my gear when I was tired and he made sure that I maximized all of the photo opportunities which were in abundance here!" Mark Halthrew - Ontario

"Costa Rica Bird Photography Workshop I have nothing but positive praise for the Costa Rica- Biodiversity Workshop with David Hemmings. David and his local guide Vernon made this an outstanding workshop experience. Some of the outstanding elements were the close encounters with numerous beautiful bird species in their natural environment; the opportunity to photograph gorgeous hummingbirds in flight; and to be able to see and photograph the stunning Resplendent Quetzal, Trogons and beautiful Macaws. David’s wonderful sense of humor, patience and knowledge made for a relaxing and inspiring learning environment. Vernon’s excellent ear for bird sounds and intimate knowledge of the environment opened up many opportunities to see and photograph exotic birds. The accommodations and meals were excellent with special care to individual dietary restrictions. I highly recommend this workshop. By the way, my experience was so positive, that I have signed up for the Alaska grizzly bear photography workshop in August 2014"

Jane Irvine


“Thank you very much. I loved the owls and enjoyed the workshop leaders and meeting the other workshop participants. Apart from that I had a lovely time and have come away with lots of great photos

I hope the next set of workshops are as successful.  It was wonderful to get so many shots of the male as well as the females.

Very best wishes to you.” Diane D.


"I was totally captivated by the Snowy Owls.  They are truly magnificent!  Their speed, their agility, their gracefulness and their beautiful markings.   I've just scratched the surface of the hundreds of images I took while on the workshop, but I can tell you taking the workshop was a thrilling and delightful experience for me.  Worth braving the elements to see the owls in their habitat!"  Anne W.

My husband and I have been on 5 photo workshop adventures with David Hemmings in the past 2 years and we’re booked for the Wild Wolves Photo Tour next year. That we keep going back for more is, in itself, great testimony to what  Hemmings Photo Tours (Natures Photo Adventures) has to offer.  For us it is foremost about the experience – nature, wildlife, camaraderie, and an expert workshop leader. You get that right and incredible photographs are the result.  David Hemmings gets it right!   We not only have wonderful photos from The Alaska Grizzly Bears, Northern BC Grizzly Bears, and Polar Bear Mother & Cubs at the Den Photography Tours, but the unique adventures that go along with these wild encounters.  As a more knowledgeable photographer, capturing wildlife is now even more fun and rewarding. Thank you David Hemmings!  Becci Crowe USA

My wife and I have traveled with David Hemmings and his Photo Tour Company several times and found him to be knowledgeable, reliable and helpful regarding all aspects of a photo tour. David was always well prepared and his photography expertise is considerable. You will be a better photographer after a trip with David. For those who want to get the most out of a photo tour, I highly recommend David Hemmings. My wife and I will next travel to Colombia with David in 2023. Neil Solomon

My first workshop with David Hemmings was a trip to the Falkland Islands in December 2018.  David came highly recommended to me by a friend and fellow birder.  The trip was well organized from start to finish.  The logistics were well taken care of.  All of the hotels / lodges were comfortable and well located for us to experience the wildlife.  The highlight of course was the penguins, but there is much more to the Falklands than just penguins.
David knows his subject well.  He was able to share his photography skills with us in an easy to understand way.  He helped me understand some of the settings that I was not familiar with.  He also conducted a birds in flight training session one afternoon.  Birds in flight is a difficult subject to master and Dave was able to share his knowledge and help me get some great photos.
David took his time to make sure that we were getting the shots we wanted.  He would help with camera settings and composition.  
He would point out photo opportunities to us if necessary.  I have taken many photo tours around the world, David’s is definitely    top notch.  He is not concerned about getting the best shot for himself.  He also puts his guests first.
I loved this trip so much, that I booked it again before we got home!
I highly recommend David Hemmings.

Rhonda Handley

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