Start the New Year with some bird-in-flight photo action! Join David Hemmings on the Great Grey Owl Photo Workshop January 26 - 31st, 2020.  Learn how to photograph these amazing Great Grey Owls in flight and on natural perches in their natural  habitat.  Only 2 spots...

We were very pleased with our Grizzly Bear Photo Workshop results for this year.  A quick snowfall provided some amazing backdrops. The ladnscape colors were spectacular and lots of salmon spawning down at the river. We had over 26 bears feeding on salmon down at our r...

Photographing the Canadian lynx is one of the most incredible wildlife experiences a photographer can experience.  David Hemmings, leading the Wild Wolves and Winter Animals Workshop produced some amazing lynx photography opportunities this season.  The wild Canadian L...

December 31, 2018

Check out the new Grizzly Bear Photo Book by David Hemmings. Over 100 incredible images of grizzly bears including fishing bears, bears charging for fish, a grizzly mother nursing her three cubs on the beach and more. View it here!   

One of the most challenging animals to photograph is the wild wolf. On our BC Wild Wolves Photo Workshop it takes a certain kind of photographer or videographer to capture those incredible moments.  You become very aware of the sounds of nature as you sit and wait in y...

February 15, 2018

During one of our Grizzly Bears Photo Workshops,  I had to think, am I a Rambo or Sniper Photographer. We had an amazing time, from photographing bears fishing with incredible green moss and rocky mountainous landscapes to having a lot of laughs during the trip. One of...

February 13, 2018

F 5.6 Shutter Speed 1/2000 sec.  ISO 1000 (1D Mark1V Canon 500mm) 

With over 10 years of Bear Photography Tours I have photographed plenty of bears in action. Bears are always full of surprises with each one possessing a different mannerism, expression and presenti...

Hemmings Photo Tours Tours also Great for Birders, Ornithologists, Biologists!

Hemmings Photo Tours offers more than up close and personal wildlife and nature photography tours. We often have people join our workshop tours who are avid birders, ornithologists, biologist...

Join David Hemmings  in Costa Rica  November 19th -29th , 2018 and experience non-strop photo action. 

Learn multi-flash Hummingbird Photography: Learn techniques to use 4 flashes to achieve otherwise impossible flight photographs of these flying jewels....

January 19, 2018

Falkland Islands Trip Report – January 2018

A trip to the Falkland Islands is like stepping back in time. Stanley is a quaint and mostly quiet town except for the days that a cruise ship is in the harbor and dozens or even hundreds of people come ashore to take pictures...

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