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Great Grey Owls

Photograph the beautiful Great Grey Owl. These incredible owls always are a pleasure to photograph. Learn bird-in-flight action techniques as your capture the Great Grey Owl in flight and amongst beautiful Canadian landscapes.

Great Bear Photo Sail

This private photo sailing adventure with David Hemmings is a custom itinerary for our small group, visiting coastal wildlife hot spots in the Great Bear Rainforest. Photograph coastal grizzly bears, black bears, fishing bears, mother and cubs, sea lions, coastal wolves, sea birds, whales, and other wildlife and landscapes and waterfalls located in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, Canada. Amazing backdrops with a variety of blue waters, and greens. This is a exclusive photo sail for our group only, with a flexible itinerary, ensuring you are out taking photos in the best light and taking advantage of those wildlife hot spots. Meal times will be flexible to ensure you don't have to rush to get back on the boat missing great photo and video wildlife moments. Read more

Ecuador Birds with Multi-flash Hummingbirds Photo Tour

Ecuador: A country that is roughly the size of Colorado and supports over 1,600 species of tropical birds - over 100 of which are hummingbirds, 4000 species of intricate orchids, hundreds of species of colorful frogs, dozens of species of primates and countless species of fascinating butterflies and insects. Imagine a country where you can visit pristine cloud-forests, beautiful beaches, snow capped mountains, and remote areas of the Amazon rain forest. Imagine that this country has relatively good roads, a well equipped tourism infrastructure, a stable government, and can be reached in less than 8 hours from most of North America

Newfoundland Birds, Whales, Icebergs and Landscapes

Newfoundland, Canada is a photographer’s dream. This ancient and vast land has some of the world’s most accessible seabird colonies, endless rolling hills and majestic cliffs that drop down to the powerful Atlantic Ocean. Home to over 60,000 seabirds! Newfoundland is home in the spring and summer to millions of seabirds, thousands of humpback whales and freshly carved icebergs that tend to pop up around the 29,000 kilometres of Newfoundland’s coastline.  Species:  Northern Gannets,Atlantic Puffins, Razorbills, Black-Legged Kittiwakes, Common Murres, Bald Eagles, Black Guillemots as well as Humpback Whales and icebergs. Newfoundland has endless bird photo opportunities. Book your Newfoundland Bird Photography Tour today!

Churchill Nesting and Breeding Birds

Every serious bird and nature photographer should visit Churchill in June at least once. This photographic workshop has been scheduled to coincide with the burst of life that occurs in June. Birds will be everywhere and it is light for 18 hours a day in Churchill at this time of year.  With beautiful breeding colored feathers and landscape backdrops of light purple, and tundra landscapes you will be sure to capture a photo to be framed for your collection. There is an abundant amount of photo opportunities everywhere! Species Include:  Red-necked Phalarope, Common Eiders in breeding plumage and nesting Arctic Terns. Pacific Loon, Long-tailed Ducks and Common Mergansers.

Falkland Islands Penguins and more Photo Tour

The FALKLAND ISLANDS are a wildlife photographer's dream come true. The Islands are one of the last untouched wildlife wonders of the World. Unspoiled beaches, rolling tussac fields and cliffs provide a natural safe-haven for hundreds of species that have made the Falklands their home. Watch albatross soar gracefully through the air against a backdrop of beautiful blue sea and sky, elephant seals sparring on the beach, the tiny Cobb's wren hopping along the shoreline, killer whales circling offshore in pursuit of a meal or sit patiently alongside king penguins and wait for the fluffy chicks to come and take a look at you! The possibilities for enjoying the wildlife experience are endless, as are the photographic opportunities. There is limited space on flights to the Falkland Islands be sure to book your space to this amazing Falkland Islands Photography Workshop today!

Spirit Bears & Black Bears Photo Tour

Journey into the Great Bear Rainforest with the goal of photographing the elusive Spirit Bear, also known as the Kermode Bear, (Ursus americanus kermodei), named after Frank Kermode, former director of the Royal Museum of British Columbia, “Kermode, meaning “Isle of Man” who studied the subspecies for many years.  The Spirit Bear, not an albino bear, but rather a rare subspecies of the black bear is unique with its whitish blonde fur and have been known to have a 35% greater success rate of catching salmon compared to the black bear.  To ensure our success, photographing the Spirit Bear, we have teamed up Spirit Bear Guide,  Marven Robinson from the Gitga’at First Nation. Marven Robinson has been a pillar of protecting the Great Bear Rainforest and considered a Spirit Bear and Great Bear Rainforest Specialist. During our Spirit Bear Photo Workshop we learn about the Spirit Bear, its habitat and daily living habits. The spirit bear is extremely rare with estimates of only a couple of hundred that exist today. We will be exploring the best place on earth to find and photograph these rare mammals. Read more

Peru Birds and Machu Picchu Landscapes Photo Tour

PERU is the land of vast biodiversity - of the 104 life zones known in the world, 84 occur in Peru. A complete mosaic comprises almost every type of habitat imaginable from the deserts and dry forests of the coast to the Puna grasslands, snow-capped mountains of the Andes, and the multitude of types of forests within the Amazonian lowlands. Peru is blessed with an abundance of life forms, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, butterflies, trees, cacti, orchids, and the list goes on. Imagine a country with 1,804 species of birds…. A country with more bird species than found in all of North America and Europe combined. Home to 120 endemic species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

Costa Rica Hummingbirds Multi-flash Photography Tour

The Central American country of COSTA RICA is world famous for its coffee, as a surfing destination, and above all else for its astonishing diversity of wildlife and scenic beauty. Cost Rica  "The Rich Coast" is a country is home to over 9000 species of flowering plants, over 600 species of butterflies, more than 200 different mammals as well as prehistoric looking reptiles and boldly colored amphibians. With over 875 species Costa Rica is home to more avian species than Canada and the United States combined. Opportunities for landscape photography are equally diverse with mountains, beaches, volcanoes, tropical forests, waterfalls and much, much more.  We supply the multi-flash set ups for hummingbird photography for all of our workshops. Not a photographer? No worries, we always offer one of our cameras for you to use should you like to participate. For those looking for hummingbird multi-flash photography Costa Rica has a large variety of hummingbirds to keep you busy all day long. Species Include: Snowcap, Resplendent Quetzal, Green-crowned Brilliant, Montezumas Orapendola, Green Thorntail, White-faced Capuchin Monkey, A variety of colorful tanagers, Scarlet Macaw, Kingfishers.  This will be our 12th year to this paradise!

Alaska Fishing Action Bears

Join wildlife photographer David Hemmings at some of the most exciting and action packed grizzly bear photography locations anywhere on the planet. We will be based at our private lodge where we will fly out each day to photograph grizzly bears pounding salmon and chasing them in the rivers and creeks. We will also have an opportunity to visit and photograph a huge walrus colony, weather allowing.

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BC Grizzly Bears

BC Interior Grizzly Bears 

All bears are beautiful, however the Interior Grizzly Bears in the Chilcotin, Cariboo region are exceptional with their blonde and brown fur coats against the bright blue waters of BC. This workshop is ideal for those who would love to experience the “Old Wild West”, stay in a log cabin and have the opportunity to view and photograph BC’s amazing grizzly bears and bald eagles. Bald Eagles are around the river but the main focus is the grizzlies.

BC Wildlife and Landscapes

Winter Landscapes and Wildlife of the Cariboo Chilcotin Region

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast is a vast and expansive landscape that stretches from the wilderness of the Pacific Coast to the rolling hills and mountains of the Cariboo Chilcotin region. The area is dotted with forest areas, hidden lakes, golden ranching plains and gorgeous mountain peaks.

It is an area rich with diverse wildlife and landscape photo opportunities in the winter. Animal species such as wolves, coyotes, foxes, California bighorn sheep, moose, cougar, lynx, pine marten and more all call this area home. Raptor species such as bald eagles, golden eagles, rough legged hawks, northern hawk owls, great gray owls, barn owls, northern pygmy owls and great horned owls are also found here in the winter months. Bird species include pileated woodpeckers, hairy woodpeckers, mountain and black capped chickadees and magpies.

Hemmings Photo Tours is based smack dab in the middle of the Cariboo Chilcotin region and we are proud to now be offering our “Winter Landscapes and Wildlife Tour”

Polar Bear Mother and Cubs

Every photographer should experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. The winter polar bear mother and cubs is designed for the die-hard photographer and bear lover. It's cold, the air is crisp and then it happens, mom brings the newborn polar bear cubs out of the den for all of you to photograph. Fill up those memory cards and don't forget to breath.  Photograph mother and older cubs amongst beautiful wild flowers and take some incredible landscape images Manitoba has to offer.  If the stars align we will also have the opportunity to photograph beautiful northern lights.

We have been leading top quality owl photography workshops for over 10 years! Come with Hemmings Photo Tours and travel with us to the Great Grey Owl habitat. This small group experience ensures you have an intimate experience with the owls and get the instruction you need! Look eye to eye with this majestic creature and use your acquired skills to capture this beautiful owl in flight. This amazing  great grey owl photography workshop should be on every bird and nature photographers bucket list. Book your space early to avoid disappointment.  

We have been leading top quality Snowy Owl Workshops for over 10 years! Come with Hemmings Photo Tours and travel through small town settings and farm regions with miles of Snowy Owl habitat. This small group experience ensures you have an intimate experience with the owls and get the instruction you need! Look eye to eye with this majestic creature and use your acquired skills to capture this beautiful owl in flight. This amazing snowy owl photography workshop should be on every bird and nature photographers bucket list. Book your space early to avoid disappointment.  Great Grey Owls can be photographed some years if available. 

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