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Hummingbirds Galore! Costa Rica

Join David Hemmings in Costa Rica November 19th -29th , 2018 and experience non-strop photo action.

Learn multi-flash Hummingbird Photography: Learn techniques to use 4 flashes to achieve otherwise impossible flight photographs of these flying jewels. We will be sharing techniques for taking multi-flash images that actually look natural . Participants will also learn how to do set-ups for birds using more than one flash. These skills can easily be taken home and applied in your very own backyard! We bring all the multi-flash equipment, you just bring your camera and enjoy!

Lots of amazing birding and bird photography opportunities of birds including Macaws, Quetzals, Toucans and other wildlife Costa Rica. Learn macro photography of tropical insects and frogs: At each of our locations there will also be opportunities to find and photograph an amazing diversity of colorful frogs, butterflies and insects. Spectacular landscape photography: The rainforests of Costa Rica are spectacular places and the opportunities for landscape photography are superb. We will also keep our fingers crossed for a clear day up in the mountains where we may be able to create beautiful mountain images. Read more about Costa Rica with David Hemmings.

Quetzal-Female Bird Photo David Hemmings

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