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BC Bears -1 spot left

If you are looking for mother and cubs photography with some of the most incredible landscapes then take an adventure with David Hemmings and photograph these incredible grizzly bears on the BC Grizzly Bear Photo Workshop. What makes this workshop so special compared to other grizzly bear workshops are the bears themselves. These interior Chilcotin grizzlies come with white rings of fur around their necks, to light blonde, some resembling a Spirit Bear. Last year we were lucky to photograph a grizzly bear mother with triplet cubs playing in the snow. Only one spot left Oct. 06-13th, 2018. Can't make that date? Sign up for 2019 BC Grizzly Bears or check out Action Packed Alaska Fishing Bears in Aug. or Spirit Bears in Oct. Sign up before it's sold out.

BC Grizzly Bears 3 Cubs David Hemmings

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