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David Hemmings teaching photo in Alaska

Polar Bears on the Tundra Churchill, Canada

Journey on the tundra and photograph polar bears and cubs with David Hemmings

Oct. 2023 - 5 days of photography on the tundra

ARRIVAL: Churchill, Manitoba Canada

Price $7,495 USD per person + 5% GST taxes

Deposit $2,250 USD - 7 Nights/5 days with the bears. . Flights not included

Workshop Leader: David Hemmings  

Enjoy photographing the magnificent polar bears of the Churchill area in the fall.
Late October and early November provides fantastic opportunities to explore the tundra around Churchill, Manitoba for polar bear photography. This area is considered to be the polar bear capital of the world.
We will be travelling in and around Churchill which will allow us an intimate experience photographing these beautiful bears at eye level. This provides us with maximum time in the field to see and photograph the bears.
The varied backgrounds and rugged land features of the area will allow for spectacular back drops for our subjects. We will also have a chance to see and photograph the Aurora Borealis, Arctic Fox, Red Fox, Cariboo and Snowy Owls.
This is a not to be missed opportunity to experience traversing the open tundra and “polar bear alley”.
Polar bear alley is a stretch of icy and rocky landscapes that stretch along a part of Hudson Bay where the polar bears anxiously wait for the ice to freeze up so that they will be able to head out onto the frozen bay to hunt for their main prey, seals. It is here that we will focus our time and travel to find the bears and experience some fantastic photo opportunities.

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