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Black Shade Fox David Hemmings
Fisher Pekania Pennanti) in snow David Hemmings
Bald Eagle flight in snow David Hemmings
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Timber wolf
Timber Wolf in the wild
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Winter Wolves
Winter wolf
Timber wolf
Grey Wolf

Lynx, Moose, Coyote, Eagles & Winter Animals,
British Columbia, Canada

Dates:  2024 -8 Nights

Price $6850 +5%GST taxes GROUP 1: FEB 13-25 fly out 21 GROUP 2:Feb 22 -Fly out Mar 01. GROUP 3: March 02  Fly out 10th-8 Nights- You can join Great Grey Owls Calgary and then fly to Group 3 Lynx- Read more about owls

DEC. 06-11 2023- 6 Nights - $5200USD +GST taxes 5%

 (If you are adding this workshop to the Bison and Birds Workshop, transport, nights, meals are included when travelling with Dave across the Rockies)

We are  excited to take you on a journey into the wilderness.  Start the morning watching the sunrise over the snow peaked Niut Mountain Range across Eagle Lake. This is a true wilderness experience and is recommended for those with a passion for nature and the outdoors and the required patience that this can entail.

After breakfast be driven into the deep wilderness to your site, At your private and remote location, you will have the opportunity to photograph amazing BC wildlife. These are wild animals not held in captivity.  Each participant will be set in their own blind daily. 

Lynx are varied in coloring, with males slightly larger than females. Some of the wolf packs and wolves in the area range from the reddish, golden color to light grey and white timber wolves to completely white and completely black. Sizes vary from 90 pounds to almost 200 pounds. Listen as the wolves and coyotes howl and watch nature unfold before your eyes.  You may also view other wildlife including bald eagles, lynx, fisher and fox, deer, wild horses, moose or even owls when on route to your location. Patience is required to photograph these amazing animals. 

We cannot guarantee wolf sightings each trip. There is a chance of not sighting wolves during your trip but we do everything possible to tip the odds in your favor of getting that once in a lifetime sighting and photo of a wild wolf. Remember there are also opportunities to see and photograph lynx, fox, coyote, moose and bald eagles and golden eagles.

At days end, return back to the lodge watching the sun disappear behind the trees. Finish your day with a family style dinner, discuss events with new friends. 


Includes meals at wolf lodge, hotel nights prior and end day, travel throughout the workshop. Does not include flights to destination Williams Lake, British Columbia Canada., alcoholic beverages or personal gifts, items. 



Flight arrival to Williams Lake, BC Canada. A short flight from Vancouver, BC airport. Be sure to arrange afternoon or late morning flights into Williams Lake due to early morning fog.

Shuttle to the wolf lodge (2.5 hours) driving over the Fraser River and over the mountains to our destination. Check into Eagle Bear Lodge and discuss the week's events and what to expect.  Each person will be staying in a wood log cabin with heaters and a wood stove. Meals are served at the main lodge daily. 

After breakfast head out to wolf blind, returning in the evening for dinner and relaxation by the fireplace. Early pick up from your blind is available. Take a day for winter landscapes and other winter wildlife photo action.

 Return to the airport, return flights to be booked in the afternoon or evening. 

This winter workshop requires cold climate weather clothing -10c- to -40C. Each blind has a propane heater.  

Returning to main log cabin in the evenings. Internet available. Cell service is not available. You will be situated in a non-hunting area.  Each blind will be given a communication device.

We will supply you with a full list of clothing and equipment requirements upon signing up. 

Please read our Refund Policy    Questions?

Bring whichever camera body that you use, a backup is a good idea in the extreme cold.

Bring extra batteries as the cold drains them faster. Keep your extra batteries in your coat pocket with a hand warmer to keep them charged longer.

Lenses to bring include for hand holding include, 100-400, 80-400, 150-600, 200-500, etc.

The varied focal length ranges of these zoom lenses will make your image making more enjoyable.

Minimum 500mm or 600mm lens, 800mm with tele-converter and/or a crop sensor body.

Tripod, binoculars. 

At night photograph the aurora, northern lights, wide angle lens. 

Digital cards, back up hard drive and laptop - internet at the lodge.  Hard drive. 
Clothing and accessories:
The temperatures can be very cold while photographing the wolves and it is not uncommon to be faced with wind factors making it even colder. It is very important to be properly prepared with the right clothing as follows.
Warm under layers, merino wool is excellent, avoid cotton. 

A second layer of fleece or wool, top and bottoms. Two layers of socks, merino wool and -30C socks.

An outer layer of down filled parka and pants. Temperatures can be from 1C to -25C . There will be a  propane heater in your blind,  should you get cold. 

Buy the boots rated for the coldest climates you can find.  Here is a link to some good brands such as Cabelas and Baffin.

A balaclava is highly recommended to keep your face from the cold and wind.

Cold temperature gloves and or a mitten glove combo. Merino wool thin gloves.

Hand and toe warmers. These are the small packets that fit in pockets in the heat 3 gloves and in the end of your boots for toe warmth. Merino wool thin gloves and another pair of gloves or mittens to warm up your hands. 

 warm wool toque to use in conjunction with your hood on the parka.

Sunglasses, plastic or another material not to freeze in the cold.  Hand and feet warmers. 

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An amazing experience to photograph wolves in the wild. An excellent time and experience, thank you! D. Mills. 

This was not my first workshop with Dave. All workshops have been outstanding exceeding my expectations! Great instruction, great subjects, and entertaining. What more could a photographer ask for? S. Barger.

You were right. It was worth enduring the cold weather  of Canada to photograph coyotes, wolves and bald eagles. Thanks again for the excellent time on the wild wolf photo workshop.

G. Lambert

 Watch Becci Crowe's Wild Wolf Adventure, a video on FaceBook.

It was an amazing experience!

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